Bespoke sunglasses case

A dear friend requested that I design him a bespoke sunglasses case when we met up for dinner at PJ Clarke's. Over cocktails I traced the outline of his spectacles (shout out to the waiter for kindly providing paper and pen) and took some quick pictures of what he had in mind. He chose burgundy buffalo leather, lined with racing green goat suede. The buffalo hide will burnish up beautifully over time and with wear.

Hanson of London leather artisan

Buffalo calf swatches (above) have similar characteristics to those of traditional cow. Strength and durability are essentially the same. The primary difference is the grain texture. On buffalo you will see a less uniform grain and more character when compared with the more uniform grain of a cow hide. 

Hanson of London bespoke leather project

Hanson of London monogrammed leather

Hanson of London studio work

Hanson of London bespoke leather project

The buffalo leather case worked out so well that my friend commissioned a racing green goat suede version too!

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke leather project, contact me with a budget and description of what you have in mind.